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I moved to Bologna in 2009, attracted by the prospect of studying cinema and above all of becoming a director. I concluded my studies in 2016 with a Master's Degree in Cinema, Television and Multimedia Production.

From 2015, thanks to the meeting with Paolo "Fiore" Angelini, I began to collaborate on various projects and learn about the life of the film set, both in the field of feature films and documentaries.

In 2017 I managed to make my first film, La Prima Volta, produced by Uisp Emilia-Romagna. 

Until 2018 I'm committed as a videomaker and I carry out production or assistant director roles on other sets: ER Connection, I met Magnus, La Signora Matilde, Opera Mundi. 

I continue my career as a videomaker in the making of commercials, video events, and music video clips and in 2020 I make the short film "Divieto di Transito" as an editing studio for the last film in progress. 

In 2021 I made the film "Porpora" with and about Porpora Marcasciano, president of MIT (Transsexual Identity Movement).


2022 - Selection at DocInTour with "Porpora"

2022 - Best Director Award at the Social World Film Festival with "Porpora"

2021 - "Porpora" Official Selection Divine Queer Festival 

2017 -   Monthly Award (Best Documentary) with the film "La Prima Volta"

2017 -  Best short film - Macoproject short film festival (New Jersey) with the film "La Prima Volta"

2017 - "La Prima Volta" film selected at the Human Rights Nights international festival

Roberto Cannavò - Videomaker
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