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Porpora is a road trip in the human adventure of Porpora Marcasciano, a transsexual who has lived the feminist, communist and transsexual movements as a protagonist from the 1970s to today. Neither man nor woman, his identity is in constant transition.

On a journey from Bologna to the south, towards his native country, he retraces with a younger travel companion an experience of battles that still last today. From the explosion of '77 to the crazy nights of Rome up to his political commitment, Porpora tells a new generation how individuality produces social change only by merging and realizing itself in multiplicity.

At sixty years old Porpora has the fatigue of his lightness upon him: without hiding some tiredness, his playful interpretation of the world accompanies the desire to tell and unravel the thread of trans history with his own original and provocative testimony.

If current movementism appears as a threat to some and as a residual form to its protagonists, if the past one is interpreted as mythological and inert, what will be the synthesis of a transgender woman and her traveling companion at the end of this research?

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Locandina La Prima Volta - Roberto Cannavò

"La prima volta" was a difficult documentary filmed inside the juvenile prison of Bologna.

The need to find intimacy with the boys despite the context, despite the video cameras was the real demon of the shoot.

Despite everything, the professionalism, experience and sensitivity of the entire crew, as well as the fundamental help of all the institute's internal operators, allowed the work to be carried out.


Let's not judge someone based on what we think we know, instead let's base ourselves on what that person has been through and how they want to move forward.

Extras - Ayoub's letter


Hello everyone,


I'm Ayoub, one of the guys featured in the documentary.

I want to thank all of you, on my behalf and on behalf of the other students, for taking your time, coming here to watch this documentary that talks about and is made by us, students from the IPM (Juvenile Penitentiary Institute) of Bologna, together with the "people out".

This documentary is about our life in here and the activities we do.

I hope you enjoy the movie.


Hasta ready(until next time)


Ayoub Abbouzi    13/05/2017


«Porpora Marcasciano is officially one of the most important figures in the defense of the rights of transsexuals. It was therefore a must to pay attention to her and tell the trans reality in its facets through her eyes.
Transit ban focuses attention on a more intimate aspect of Porpora's life and on the discrimination that a transsexual person suffers in the course of his life.
The archival video material provided by the protagonist allowed a magical mix of archive images and live footage. For this reason, in a certain sense, I like to imagine Porpora as an unwitting "video operator", whose shooting has waited all these years before merging into a single work.
A work that has as its desire to tackle the topic of trans identity from a non-sensationalist point of view, free from exaggerations or fake compassion or news cynicism. I faced the shooting and more generally the creative process believing in the simplicity and strength of the testimony and story of Porpora. A fabulous person, who was able to take on the responsibility of a collective story with joy and fun ».

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A historic moment in which the ability to work by limiting travel is more necessary than ever. What will be the consequences when the emergency is over? This short film portrays the danger of idealizing smart-working by exploiting a repetitive, nagging , claustrophobic and de-personalizing formula.
A job that many classes of workers, first of all cinema operators, are already familiar with.
Following the narrative of other films such as, Brazil (Terry Gilliam, 1985) or The Zero Theorem (Terry Gilliam, 2013), this short film is a warning of what one might be heading towards.
Therefore, following the JobCiak announcement proposed by the UIL (Italian Union of Labor), I decided to "resume" work and to make the viewer reflect on the importance of sociability.


A nickname worthy of a Sergio Leone film. A story as compelling as it is sincere and magnificent in its simplicity. Dante Longarini is THE RED DEVIL.

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